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What Can You Do to Encourage a Picky Eater to Dig In?

Sometimes people are picky eaters all of their lives, while other people develop a pickier palate later in life. No matter why your senior is picky about what she eats, there might be some steps you can take to encourage her to eat.

Home Care in Berkeley CA: Dealing with a Picky Eater

Home Care in Berkeley CA: Dealing with a Picky Eater

Keep Her Involved in Meal Planning.

If your elderly family member feels that she’s not having much of a say in what she eats on a regular basis, that’s likely to seriously hamper her appetite. Keep your senior involved in planning meals and figuring out what foods she’s interested in eating. She might even be more willing to try new foods if she’s helping to put the menu together.

Work Around Her Favorite Foods.

Everybody has favorite foods and snacks, even if they’re a picky eater. Your senior might not enjoy the healthiest foods, but you can still work around those a little bit. You can also find healthier recipes and substitutes that closely mimic some of her favorite choices. Try not to spring too many new foods and recipes on your aging adult, since that can be a bit of a scary surprise for a pickier eater.

Take the Pressure Off of Eating.

Very often pickier eaters get a lot of pressure from family and friends about what and when they eat. That kind of constant attention to what they’re eating can make your senior more obstinate about what and when she eats. Take the pressure off of eating for your elderly family member. What and when she eats needs to be okay to a certain extent. Talk with her about the fact that you need her to eat a certain amount of food each day and work out what is acceptable on her end. As long as she’s sticking to that agreement, consider letting it go.

Reduce the Effects of Eating Alone.

Eating alone can make eating feel torturous for anyone, but especially a picky eater. Conversation and having someone there with her can help to distract her from the fact that she’s not eating her favorite food each time she eats. Consider sitting down with your senior for meals more frequently. If you can’t be there, consider hiring home care providers. They can not only be excellent company but they can also help with meal prep and cleanup.

Your senior might have all kinds of reasons for being a picky eater. If you’re starting to suspect that she might be picky due to health reasons or you think that her health is suffering because of being a picky eater, make sure that you talk to her doctor.

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Robin Conley RN, Owner and CEO

RN, Owner and CEO at Provident Care - Modesto, CA
When my grandmother’s health began to deteriorate... My greatest fear was that something would happen to her when I couldn’t be there. She had become unsteady on her feet, forgot to take her medications when she was supposed to, was not eating meals that fit into her dietary restrictions and often failed to recognize signs that she was getting into trouble. I knew that it was her firm desire to stay in her own home, but the amount of oversight I knew she needed was sometimes overwhelming for me to do alone. This is where my journey started! Providing care to seniors in our community is not just a job for me... It is something that has touched my life personally and something that I am passionate about! I know firsthand the worry and uncertainty caused when someone you love becomes ill or injured and how overwhelming the responsibility of caring for a loved one can be. I also know that finding a compassionate caregiver can often restore health, provide seniors with a renewed sense of control and independence, reduce depression, and relieve family members so they can once again be a caring son or daughter. So if you find yourself or someone you may know, in this situation... Our team of care managers and professional, compassionate caregivers at Provident Care would be honored to help you care for your loved one. Our staff is committed to caring for our clients as if we were caring for a member of our own family.

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