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Ways to Include Seniors in Holiday Events

One of the most enjoyable things about the winter holidays is the many parties and celebrations that take place. However, aging adults may feel left out as they are limited in their ability to make plans and get around. People get busy and it’s easy to forget about elderly relatives as they get caught up in all the holiday rush. Family caregivers can make sure their elderly loved ones have a wonderful holiday season by including them in plenty of holiday festivities.

When seniors struggle with health issues, it can be a real challenge to adjust their needs to fit with planned parties and community events. When seniors depend on help from family caregivers and home care providers, they often don’t get out much due to health issues. It makes them even more lonely and depressed when they know they are missing out. However, with some planning and extra effort, there’s no reason why family caregivers can’t include elderly relatives in a number of holiday events.

Caregiver in Stockton CA: Including Seniors in Holiday Events
Caregiver in Stockton CA: Including Seniors in Holiday Events

Plan Activities at Home.

If an elderly relative is bedridden or primarily housebound, family caregivers can plan a holiday activity or two in their own home. Hosting an intimate family gathering allows the aging relative to stay at home but enjoy some of the festivities. They can do a cookie exchange, Christmas movie party, white elephant exchange or a good, old-fashioned potluck dinner.

If the aging adult wants to connect with friends, consider hosting a few people for coffee, tea, and treats like Christmas cookies. Even inviting grandchildren over to have hot chocolate and pastries while listening to Christmas stories brings families closer together and increases the bonds between generations.

Attend Community Events.

Many communities hold lots of holiday activities, such as tree-lighting ceremonies, Christmas craft fairs, carnivals, and meet-and-greets with Santa Claus. Family caregivers and home care providers can accompany the aging adult to the festivities and help them participate. Because these are family-friendly, they are often held during the day or early evening to accommodate the unique schedules of children and seniors. Many senior centers host Christmas parties for elderly adults in the community, usually with food, decorations, and activities suited to aging adults.

Participate in Formal Events.

Larger cities may have more formal events that mark the season, such as professional theater productions, symphony and choir concerts, and more. Most of these venues will be wheelchair accessible, giving family caregivers plenty of opportunities to get their aging loved one to the production. Elderly adults usually enjoy dressing up and attending a professional holiday event and it can be the perfect thing to boost their holiday spirit.

Instead of feeling left out and lonely, aging adults can be part of the celebration. All it takes is a little attention and advanced planning from the senior’s support group of family caregivers, home care providers, and friends to make their holiday merry and bright.

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RN, Owner and CEO at Provident Care - Modesto, CA
When my grandmother’s health began to deteriorate... My greatest fear was that something would happen to her when I couldn’t be there. She had become unsteady on her feet, forgot to take her medications when she was supposed to, was not eating meals that fit into her dietary restrictions and often failed to recognize signs that she was getting into trouble. I knew that it was her firm desire to stay in her own home, but the amount of oversight I knew she needed was sometimes overwhelming for me to do alone. This is where my journey started! Providing care to seniors in our community is not just a job for me... It is something that has touched my life personally and something that I am passionate about! I know firsthand the worry and uncertainty caused when someone you love becomes ill or injured and how overwhelming the responsibility of caring for a loved one can be. I also know that finding a compassionate caregiver can often restore health, provide seniors with a renewed sense of control and independence, reduce depression, and relieve family members so they can once again be a caring son or daughter. So if you find yourself or someone you may know, in this situation... Our team of care managers and professional, compassionate caregivers at Provident Care would be honored to help you care for your loved one. Our staff is committed to caring for our clients as if we were caring for a member of our own family.

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