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Healthy Aging Habits for Your Elderly Relative

Senior Care in Walnut Creek CA: Healthy Aging Habits

Sometimes it just takes the right person supporting you in implementing healthier habits into your current lifestyle. When elderly adults want to make changes for the better, they often turn to family caregivers for help. It’s never too late for anyone to embrace a healthier life, and even aging adults with chronic issues can benefit.…

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4 Strategies to Fight Caregiver Burnout


Senior Care in Walnut Creek CA You’re probably already familiar with the stress that you feel as a family caregiver, but did you know that stress can turn into something called caregiver burnout? Burnout happens when you’ve kept giving and giving and you’ve finally reached your limit and beyond. It’s possible to come back from…

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Happy Birthday, Charles M. Schulz!


Senior Care in Walnut Creek CA Many seniors today will have fond memories of opening the paper and reading the “Peanuts” cartoon in the funnies.  In fact, the first “Peanuts” strip appeared in 9 newspapers around the country in October of 1950 and was in syndication until the year 2000.  For many Americans today, reading…

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