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What is Postural Hypotension?

Elderly Care in Modesto CA: What is Postural Hypotension?

Sam, a family caregiver to his 84-year-old father Adam, got a call at work one day. Adam had been sitting comfortably at his dining room table enjoying a cup of coffee and a long chat with a friend. When it was time for the friend to leave, Adam stood up to walk him to the…

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Caring for a Loved One with Arthritis

Elderly Care in Modesto CA: Caring for a Loved One with Arthritis

It can be difficult to watch a loved one suffer with the pain associated with arthritis. The effects can be debilitating and can result in loss of mobility and independence. Fortunately, there are actions that you and your parent can undertake to help ease the pain and promote a life filled with activity and enjoyment.…

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