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What You Should Know About Shingles


Being a family caregiver means being aware of risks that seniors face and knowing how to reduce those risks or give them the care that they need to help them cope if those issues do arise. One particularly pressing issue for aging adults is shingles. This potentially devastating illness can lead to serious complications and…

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Is Home Care Right for Your Family?


Struggling to decide if home care is the right choice for your elderly parent is stressful. You have your parent’s declining abilities, but you also have your parent’s independent nature. Here are some tips to follow when deciding if home care is the best option to keep your aging parent in the family home.  …

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Heart Disease and Diabetes


Uncontrolled blood sugar levels affect all aspects of the body. The increased glucose eventually damages the blood vessels which, ultimately, affects the heart. Because of this, those with diabetes have two to four times the chance of developing heart disease.  There are three types associated with diabetes. These include:  coronary heart disease, heart failure and…

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