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Five Checks That Protect Your Dad From a Scam

Senior Care in Stockton CA: Potecting Dad From Scams

Scammers target seniors online, through the mail, over the phone, and by coming to the door. It’s no surprise that seniors lose more than $35 billion dollars to fraud each year. Scammers seem to be relentless. Could your dad fall for a scam? Make sure it can’t happen. Use this five-item checklist to prevent all…

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What Are Your Elderly Dad’s Dietary Needs?

Senior Care in Modesto CA: Dietary Needs for Seniors

Malnutrition is a concern in senior citizens. Your dad may not enjoy cooking. He may find it hard to stand still for more than a few minutes. When that happens, he’s less likely to take the time to cook a meal. Takeout Chinese or pizza, packaged meals, and delivery are not always nutritious solutions. Make…

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Tips for Preparing Your Senior to Adopt a Dog

Elderly Care in Stockton CA: Preparing to Adopt a Dog

Studies have shown that owning a pet can make a tremendous difference to your senior’s health and well-being. Pet ownership reduces stress and makes it easier to cope with stress, lowers blood pressure, improves heart health, reduces depression, anxiety, and loneliness, and helps your parent maintain an overall better outlook on life. If your senior…

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FAQs about Cholesterol Education Month

Elder Care in Oakland CA: Cholesterol Education Month

September is Cholesterol Education Month, where health and wellness experts try to educate people about the importance of getting their cholesterol levels checked out by a doctor. Elderly adults have an increased risk of having high cholesterol levels, which can be detrimental to their health. During Cholesterol Education Month, family caregivers can help their aging…

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Recognizing a UTI in Your Aging Relative

Home Care in Danville CA: Recognizing a UTI in Your Aging Relative

UTI stands for urinary tract infection. They are among the most common kinds of infection in older adults. Though common, they can be difficult to spot, especially if the senior has a cognitive impairment, such as dementia. Knowing more about urinary tract infections and what symptoms to look for in your aging relative could allow…

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How Can You Protect Your Aging Parent from Shingles?

Elderly Care in Turlock CA: Protecting Your Parent from Shingles

Approximately one million people throughout the United States suffer a shingles infection each year. This condition stems from the same virus that causes chickenpox, which means if your aging parent has suffered chickenpox at some point in their life, they already have this virus inside them. Shingles can result in serious complications, including damage to…

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