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Mom’s Very Reclusive. How Can You Host Easter Without Excluding Her?

Your elderly mom’s friends moved to other states or are no longer living. Over the years, she’s become more and more reclusive. It’s reached a point where she struggles to interact with others. Easter is coming. You want to include her, but you know the large gathering may cause her too much stress. How can you host Easter this year without excluding her?


Homecare in Lodi CA: Easter With A Reclusive Senior

Homecare in Lodi CA: Easter With A Reclusive Senior


Advise Other Guests in Advance

Make sure your other guests know that your mom tends to be isolated and that large crowds can overwhelm her. If they’re prepared in advance, they can take steps to work at her pace and read cues that she needs space.


Let Her Help in the Kitchen

If your mom likes to cook or used to host Easter at her home, let her take over the kitchen if she is interested. She might enjoy the day if she feels like she helped arrange it. You can help her, of course, but let her feel like she’s running that part of the show.


Have Movies Set for Others to Enjoy

If your mom likes watching movies, you could set up Easter movies in another room. While people are chatting, your mom and other guests who want to take a break from the chatter could go to the family room or media room to watch a movie.

Do you need help finding some Easter-themed movies for all ages? The classic musical Easter Parade starring Fred Astaire and Judy Garland is a good choice. It’s about a man who is shopping for Easter gifts for his girlfriend and fellow dancer. When she leaves him, he heads to a bar and ends up agreeing to make a star out a girl he meets there.

Hop is a kid-friendly animated movie featuring several live-action actors, too. The movie is set on Eastern Island where a young bunny is supposed to take over for his father, the Easter Bunny, only he wants to become a famous drummer.


Give Her Space to Escape

If she agrees to go, make sure she has a quiet retreat to escape to. If the activity or crowds of people become overwhelming, she can excuse herself to that other area to regain her composure before returning.

Your mom probably dislikes having strangers in her house, so she can’t keep being reclusive. Loneliness and isolation have been found to cause physical and mental health issues. She can start to become more social over time with the help of a professional caregiver. Home care services like companionship and transportation help your mom get out of the house. Call a home care agency to arrange these services.


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