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What You Should Know About Shingles


Elder Care in Modesto CA: What You Should Know About Shingles

Being a family caregiver means being aware of risks that seniors face and knowing how to reduce those risks or give them the care that they need to help them cope if those issues do arise. One particularly pressing issue for aging adults is shingles. This potentially devastating illness can lead to serious complications and can greatly diminish their quality of life. Understanding it can help you to give them the proper care both when they are at risk of developing it and if they do go contract it.


Some things that you should know about shingles include:

  • Approximately 50 percent of all Americans will have developed the shingles virus by the time that they turn 80
  • The shingles virus occurs most frequently in people over the age of 50
  • Each year approximately 1 million people throughout the United States will suffer from shingles
  • People who have immune systems that are particularly compromised, such as those who are dealing with HIV, cancer, or another infection are at the highest risk for developing the shingles virus
  • Approximately 10 to 20 percent of shingles cases feature a condition referred to as ophthalmic shingles, which is when the shingles rash develops in or around the eye or the skin of the eye
  • Those who develop ophthalmic shingles are thought to be at increased risk of suffering a stroke
  • A severely stressful life event can contribute to an elderly adult experiencing an outbreak of shingles
  • Postherpetic neuraglia is pain that occurs around the shingles rash that lasts for months or even years after the shingles itself has cleared up
  • If your aging parent has had chicken pox in their life, the virus that develops into shingles is already in their body and they are at risk of an outbreak


If your aging parent has been suffering from shingles or any other health condition, now may be the ideal time for you to consider starting elder care for them. An elderly home care services provider can be with your aging parent on a fully customized schedule that ensures that they have all of the attention, care, support, and assistance that they need when they need it while also keeping you at the forefront of their care routine. This means that you are able to give your aging parent the care that is right for both of you and still feel confident that they are getting everything else that they need. When it comes to helping them manage shingles, this care provider can help your parent to understand the guidelines that were given to them by their doctor, and then encourage them to remain compliant with these guidelines as well as their prescriptions. This means reminding them to take their medications when and how they are meant to in order to get the most benefit, as well as supporting them in making the lifestyle decisions that will help them to get through this illness in the best way possible.


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Robin Conley RN, Owner and CEO

RN, Owner and CEO at Provident Care - Modesto, CA
When my grandmother’s health began to deteriorate... My greatest fear was that something would happen to her when I couldn’t be there. She had become unsteady on her feet, forgot to take her medications when she was supposed to, was not eating meals that fit into her dietary restrictions and often failed to recognize signs that she was getting into trouble. I knew that it was her firm desire to stay in her own home, but the amount of oversight I knew she needed was sometimes overwhelming for me to do alone. This is where my journey started! Providing care to seniors in our community is not just a job for me... It is something that has touched my life personally and something that I am passionate about! I know firsthand the worry and uncertainty caused when someone you love becomes ill or injured and how overwhelming the responsibility of caring for a loved one can be. I also know that finding a compassionate caregiver can often restore health, provide seniors with a renewed sense of control and independence, reduce depression, and relieve family members so they can once again be a caring son or daughter. So if you find yourself or someone you may know, in this situation... Our team of care managers and professional, compassionate caregivers at Provident Care would be honored to help you care for your loved one. Our staff is committed to caring for our clients as if we were caring for a member of our own family.

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