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Senior Care in Modesto CA

What Are Your Elderly Dad’s Dietary Needs?

Senior Care in Modesto CA: Dietary Needs for Seniors

Malnutrition is a concern in senior citizens. Your dad may not enjoy cooking. He may find it hard to stand still for more than a few minutes. When that happens, he’s less likely to take the time to cook a meal. Takeout Chinese or pizza, packaged meals, and delivery are not always nutritious solutions. Make…

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Opioid Abuse and Elderly Adults

Senior Care in Modesto CA: Opiod Abuse

The United States of America is in the midst of a serious opioid epidemic and much of the focus is on young adults that are addicted to the powerful medications. However, the amount of elderly adults that use and abuse opioids is growing rapidly. Most people don’t think about their aging mom, dad, aunt, or…

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Benefits of Weight Bearing Exercise


Senior Care in Modesto CA You know how important it is to keep your elderly parent active in the course of your senior care journey with them, but is all exercise the same? Is it enough for your senior to find one type of exercise and stick to it? The truth is that while any…

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How Strategic Cooking Can Help Your Aging Parent


Senior Care in Modesto CA We all know that healthy nutrition is a cornerstone of good health. It’s especially important when providing elderly care, as they often have dietary restrictions and recommendations based on additional health concerns. It’s also more vital that food safety standards are rigorously adhered to, as foodborne illness is more prevalent…

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