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Health Issues

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of the Flu?

Elder Care in Pleasanton CA: Symptoms of the Flu

Each year millions of people suffer from the seasonal flu. For most it will be an inconvenient and uncomfortable, but relatively mild, experience that will not largely impact their health or quality of life. For an elderly adult, however, this illness can be much more serious. The Centers for Disease Control estimates that up to…

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Could a Smart Belt Help Your Parent With Parkinson’s Disease?

Caregiver in Turlock CA: Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson’s Disease is a chronic disorder affecting almost one million U.S. residents. The Parkinson’s Disease Foundation lists tremors, rigidity in the limbs and center of the body, balance and coordination problems, and slowed movements as signs of the disease. Difficulties with balance and coordination pose a problem with a parent who has Parkinson’s Disease. In…

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Psoriasis and your Aging Parent

Home Care in Walnut Creek CA: Psoriasis Awareness Month

August brings us Psoriasis Awareness Month. This autoimmune disease affects approximately 7.5 million Americans and results in thick red patches or plaques on the skin that can become painful and extremely itchy. The autoimmune response can lead to other more serious ailments as well such as psoriatic arthritis. Though there is currently no cure for…

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What is Low Vision?

Elder Care in Stockton CA: What is Low Vision?

Have you noticed that your aging loved one is having difficulty recognizing people at first glance? Do they have a hard time reading recipes or books? Do they complain of gaps in their vision, or trouble seeing at night? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” your loved one might be suffering…

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