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Elder Care in Turlock CA

Why Aging Parents May Need In-Home Care

Elder Care in Turlock CA: Reasons Aging Parents May Need Care

Most adult children would be happy to help their aging mom or dad with all kinds of tasks, especially as the parents get older and more physically limited. However, with enough health issues and chronic conditions, it can be quite stressful and time-consuming for adult children to become family caregivers. If the family caregiver has…

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National Sarcoidosis Awareness Month

Elder Care in Turlock CA: National Sarcoidosis Awareness Month

April is National Sarcoidosis Awareness Month, giving family caregivers a chance to learn more about this disorder and how it can affect their elderly loved ones. Sarcoidosis is an inflammatory disease that can affect any organ, but most often in the lungs, skin, heart, and eyes. Of all new cases of sarcoidosis each year, approximately…

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How is Glaucoma Diagnosed?


Elder Care in Turlock CA It is normal during later years for an older adult to experience some diminishment in the acuity of their senses. There are certain illnesses and conditions, however, that can cause more extensive sensory loss. As a family caregiver you can help your parent to maintain their quality of life as…

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