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Caregiver in Turlock CA

What is the Elder Mobility Scale?

Home Care Services in Turlock CA: Elder Mobility Scale

In hospitals and medical offices, the Elder Mobility Scale (EMS) is often used to determine how well an older person is able to move around. It’s performed by asking some questions and using a stopwatch to time how quickly certain tasks are completed.     The EMS came out in 2004 and takes no longer…

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Could a Smart Belt Help Your Parent With Parkinson’s Disease?

Caregiver in Turlock CA: Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson’s Disease is a chronic disorder affecting almost one million U.S. residents. The Parkinson’s Disease Foundation lists tremors, rigidity in the limbs and center of the body, balance and coordination problems, and slowed movements as signs of the disease. Difficulties with balance and coordination pose a problem with a parent who has Parkinson’s Disease. In…

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3 Ways to Enjoy Being a Caregiver Again


Caregiver in Turlock CA At the beginning, providing care for an elderly loved one may fill  your heart with joy, knowing that you are able to give your loved one the attention and care they need. After a while, these warm and fuzzy feelings may begin to fizzle, being replaced with exhaustion, frustration, and being…

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