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Can You Help Your Senior Ditch Unhealthy Food Cravings?

Unhealthy food choices are everywhere and they can inspire some powerful cravings for your senior. When she’s ready to start eating a healthier diet, some of those cravings might stick around.

Home Care in Walnut Creek CA: Ditching Unhealthy Food Cravings

Home Care in Walnut Creek CA: Ditching Unhealthy Food Cravings

Make the Food Difficult to Get.

The most obvious way to control food cravings is to make the food difficult to get. One really easy way to do this is to keep the food out of the house completely, but that may not be completely practical, either. So making the food difficult to get to in other ways is a good idea. Wrapping foods in multiple wrappings or plastic zippered bags or putting it on a higher shelf can work. The idea is that if someone in the house really wants the food, they’ll have to work for it each time. Be careful not to put something in such a dangerous place that your senior might get hurt trying to access it, however.

Use Distractions in Place of Snacking.

Distraction can also work really well. When your elderly family member expresses a desire for a piece of chocolate, consider taking a walk first. Then, if she still wants the chocolate, at least it’s a genuine desire and she’s making a conscious choice rather than just giving into a craving. The idea behind using a distraction is that it gives your senior a chance to think more deeply about the decision before she gives in.

Encourage Her to Journal about the Craving.

Some cravings are tied to emotions or to certain situations. In those instances, journaling about what might be behind those cravings can be helpful in getting rid of them. In the beginning, your senior might feel like her journal consists of simply wanting that particular food. But eventually she can start to see patterns in what is happening.

Have a Little Bit.

Sometimes the best way to get rid of a craving is to simply have a little bit of the food in question. Keeping the food in individual serving sizes can help, especially if it’s a snack type of food. Having a little bit of certain foods even occasionally is probably not terrible for your senior, but make sure that you check with her doctor if you have questions about specific foods.

The bottom line with food cravings is that they don’t have to rule your senior’s day. A combination of these habits might be just what she needs to avoid overeating foods that aren’t as healthy for her. You might also want to hire home care providers to help her have home-cooked meals full of healthy foods that also taste great.

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RN, Owner and CEO at Provident Care - Modesto, CA
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