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Posts by Robin Conley RN, Owner and CEO

Healthy Aging Habits for Your Elderly Relative

Senior Care in Walnut Creek CA: Healthy Aging Habits

Sometimes it just takes the right person supporting you in implementing healthier habits into your current lifestyle. When elderly adults want to make changes for the better, they often turn to family caregivers for help. It’s never too late for anyone to embrace a healthier life, and even aging adults with chronic issues can benefit.…

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How Do You Cope with the Pain of Caregiving?

Caregiver in Oakland CA: Coping with the Emotional Pain of Caregiving

Caregiving can be extremely painful on multiple levels, but you’re more likely to be shocked by the emotional pain of caregiving. What matters the most is what you do to cope with the pain and the other feelings that you encounter during your time as a caregiver. Sometimes Seniors Lash Out. It’s tough to believe,…

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Will Your Senior Need to Move After a Stroke?

Elder Care in Walnut Creek CA: Will Your Senior Need to Move After a Stroke?

Your elderly parent suffering a stroke can be one of the most frightening things you experience as a family caregiver. This is a life-changing medical event and your senior will need more care and assistance as they recover, which means you will need to make a variety of potentially challenging decisions. One is whether your…

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Helping Aging Adults with Kidney Disease

Home Care in Modesto CA: Coping with Kidney Disease

Millions of elderly Americans are diagnosed with kidney disease each year. While there is no known cure, doctors can help their aging patients manage the symptoms of kidney disease, slowing down the decline of these important organs. Elderly adults with chronic kidney disease who still want to live in their own home will have to…

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