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25 Percent of Adults Have a Disability: What Can Senior Care Do to Help?

If you are caring for an older adult who has a disability, you aren’t alone. Recently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a report that said 25 percent of American adults have a disability of some kind. The report provided information on a variety of disabilities. This is how they ranked:

  • Mobility Problems: 13.7 percent.
  • Cognition Issues: 10.8 percent.
  • Inability to Live Independently: 6.8 percent.
  • Serious Hearing Problems: 5.9 percent.
  • Serious Vision Problems: 4.6 percent.
  • Trouble with Self-Care: 4.6 percent.


Senior Care in Berkeley CA: Care for Seniors with Disabilities

Senior Care in Berkeley CA: Care for Seniors with Disabilities

Though it isn’t easy for older adults to continue to live independently with disabilities, senior care can help elderly people and their family caregivers to manage disabilities. In fact, for some, having a senior care provider may be the difference between being able to live at home and having to move in with a family member or to a long-term care facility. Below are just a few of the ways senior care can assist with disabilities.

Mobility Problems.

Mobility problems can be everything from having balance problems to being confined to a wheelchair. Senior care providers can assist with any sort of mobility problems. Some of the things they can do are:

  • Offer a steadying arm while seniors walk.
  • Transferring to and from a wheelchair safely.
  • Going on outings safely, such as grocery shopping, to visit friends, or to medical appointments.
  • Reaching up or bending down to get items for the older adult.

Cognitive Disability.

Cognitive disabilities might be mild memory loss or full-blown dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Senior care providers can assist by:

  • Reminding the older adult to take medications.
  • Keeping people with dementia or Alzheimer’s from harming themselves, such as by wandering or making poor judgements.
  • Assisting with daily care, including eating, dressing, and grooming.

Vision and Hearing Problems.

Vision and hearing problems can make once simple daily tasks, like paying bills or taking phone calls, hard for elderly people. Senior care can help with:

  • Managing finances.
  • Reading mail and email.
  • Answering the telephone and door.
  • Reminding visitors of techniques for better communication.

Self-Care and Independent Living Issues.

Seniors may have trouble with self-care and independence because of other disabilities or illness. There are many ways senior care can help them to remain in their homes. Some of the tasks that senior care can do are:

  • Preparing healthy meals and snacks.
  • Light housecleaning, including vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, etc.
  • Laundry.
  • Running errands.
  • Assistance with getting up in the morning and dressing and getting into bed at night.


These are really only a few of the ways that senior care can help older adults with disabilities to live a better quality of life. Senior care providers can assist older adults with nearly anything their family caregivers can. If there’s a task your aging relative needs help with, ask their senior care provider what they can do to assist.

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Robin Conley RN, Owner and CEO

RN, Owner and CEO at Provident Care - Modesto, CA
When my grandmother’s health began to deteriorate... My greatest fear was that something would happen to her when I couldn’t be there. She had become unsteady on her feet, forgot to take her medications when she was supposed to, was not eating meals that fit into her dietary restrictions and often failed to recognize signs that she was getting into trouble. I knew that it was her firm desire to stay in her own home, but the amount of oversight I knew she needed was sometimes overwhelming for me to do alone. This is where my journey started! Providing care to seniors in our community is not just a job for me... It is something that has touched my life personally and something that I am passionate about! I know firsthand the worry and uncertainty caused when someone you love becomes ill or injured and how overwhelming the responsibility of caring for a loved one can be. I also know that finding a compassionate caregiver can often restore health, provide seniors with a renewed sense of control and independence, reduce depression, and relieve family members so they can once again be a caring son or daughter. So if you find yourself or someone you may know, in this situation... Our team of care managers and professional, compassionate caregivers at Provident Care would be honored to help you care for your loved one. Our staff is committed to caring for our clients as if we were caring for a member of our own family.

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